Kharkhorum Festival “Spirit” to Set Mongolia’s Rave Scene on Fire

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Ulaanbaatar, October 31, 2023 /MONTSAME – Mongolia’s National Official News Agency/
Prepare to embark on an otherworldly journey as the third edition of the Kharkhorum Visual Art & Music Festival, themed “Spirit,” promises to take attendees beyond the realms of imagination at the AIC Steppe Arena on November 3-4, 2023. This groundbreaking Festival, which seamlessly blends electronic music, exquisite lighting, and fascinating visual effects, is set to transform Mongolia’s music scene from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Born in 2022 as “Oilan,” the Festival drew inspiration from the cold and repulsive but attractive colors of Mongolian artist Oilan Janatkhan. In almost two years, it has evolved into a portal to the uncharted world. In 2023, “Eclipse” introduced festival-goers to this portal, setting the stage for “Spirit” and the unveiling of the space that lies behind it.

Mongolia has seen a rising interest in electronic music, particularly the “free party” style that encourages individuals to dance freely to the rhythm of the music in clubs. However, Kharkhorum Visual Art & Music Festival aspires to bring the spirit of rave to Mongolia, engaging music lovers in an electrifying multi-sensory experience. The Festival combines electronic dance music, laser shows, and visually stunning effects, creating an environment where the audience doesn’t just hear the music, they see and feel it.

The Kharkhorum takes place in an exquisite venue, characterized by large, dark spaces with high ceilings and multiple stages. This carefully crafted environment bombards attendees with excitement from all directions, creating a sense of wonder and immersion.

The third edition, “Spirit,” boasts a lineup of world-class German DJs with 20-30 years of experience, including Len Faki, Nastia, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, and Hosh. Additionally, 22 other local DJs who have made their mark in the Mongolian music industry will grace the event. The musical journey will be further enriched by Turkish and Spanish visual jockeys, who will transport festival-goers to new dimensions.

The Kharkhorum Festival is to unveil a stunning 360-degree visual art experience that will fully enthrall audiences in the feeling of art for two days. The installation will feature a giant art creature moving through 2,000 square meters of screens surrounding three distinct stages.

Kharkhorum Visual Art & Music Festival has quickly become Mongolia’s largest indoor Festival, drawing the attention of music lovers and spectators. Whereas the Silence White festival typically attracts 2-3 thousand people, Kharkhorum’s first event saw over 8,000 attendees, and the organizers anticipate a staggering 12,000 to 18,000 participants for “Spirit.”

As “Spirit” approaches, Kharkhorum Visual Art & Music Festival remains a beacon of creativity, pushing the boundaries of art and music in Mongolia and promising attendees a once-in-a-lifetime appealing experience that will leave them spellbound. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this magnificent event.

Prepared by Bodibilguun Galsan

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