Achit Ikht fulfilled 98.8 percent of the obligations of its 2023 cooperation agreement

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Since 2017, Achit Ikht LLC has signed a cooperation agreement with the Office of the Governor of Orkhon province and has been implementing a plan every year. The implementation of the 2023 cooperation plan was presented and a meeting was held to review its implementation. The Office of the Governor of the province concluded that the implementation of the cooperation plan achieved 98.8 percent.

In the 2023 plan, a total of 9 tasks in the fields of environment, education, local activities, and support for citizens were included and fully implemented.

– More than 290,000 trees were planted within the Billion Trees National Program framework.
– Furnished a complete chemistry cabinet in the 17th secondary school.
– The Mass Olympiad of Chemistry was organized for the first time among the 9th-grade secondary school students, involving more than 600 students from 20 schools.
– Goods and services totaling 1.7 billion MNT were purchased from local enterprises, individuals, and people with disabilities.


The “Mining Week 2023” event is taking place on October 9-13 at Shangri-La Hotel

As part of “Mining Week 2023”, on October 10, the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, the National Mining Association of Mongolia, and Achit Ikht LLC signed a tripartite memorandum of understanding “Implementation of the Voluntary Code of Responsible Mining”. By signing the memorandum, the parties will strive to implement the goals of the Voluntary Code of Responsible Mining in stages, reflect it in their operational policies and strategies, support government policies, and work together to develop legal reforms.

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