Steppe Arena becomes Mongolia’s first company to transfer its “Naming Rights”

There is a practice of arenas around the world that organize large-scale events transfer their naming rights to well-known business companies for a certain period of time.

This practice not only illustrates their corporate social responsibility through large-scale community activities, improves their image but also supports their businesses through way of advertising. For example, in the United States, companies such as Bank of America, PNC Bank, Rio Tinto, and Toyota enjoy the naming rights of the country’s largest arena. Nissan Yokohama Arena in Japan, Allianz Arena in Germany, Marvel in Australia, etc. all transfer their naming rights to businesses.

Steppe Arena, meets international standards for the development and organization of winter sports, and games and organizes specialized arts, culture, and conferences in Mongolia. Upon completing naming rights research on major companies in Mongolia, Steppe Arena LLC issued naming rights to Achit-Ikht LLC for a period of three years, becoming the pioneer to do so in Mongolia.

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