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Founded in 2010, Steppe Copper LLC is a national company engaged in project implementation, investment, management, and business consulting services. The company is working to create jobs through production with modern innovative technologies and construction with international standards. We are working to provide products and services that are competitive in the domestic and foreign markets. Implementations of projects like the AIC Steppe Arena, Mongolia’s first Olympic Standard indoor arena; and Steppe Metal Powder - powder metallurgy plant are the examples of above endeavor.

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Kings of Convenience is to perform at AIC Steppe...

At the invitation of 1737 Entertainment, KINGS OF CONVENIENCE is going to present its first full-length concert in Mongolia on...

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ESAN is named after the President of Mongolia

The President of Mongolia, Khurelsukh Ukhnaa, issued a decree to increase the competitiveness of Mongolians in the world, provide equal...

2024/02/06 See more

Awarded as the best enterprise for improving Occupational Safety...

The Orkhon province evaluated the implementation of the tripartite collective agreement on labor and social partnership that was established in...

2024/02/02 See more

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