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Steppe Copper LLC is the main investor of Achit Ikht LLC and provides them management consulting services. It is the first and only Mongolian company to become a member of the London Metal Exchange.

The plant of the national manufacturer Achit Ikht LLC was established in 2014 in the Bayan-Undur soum of Orkhon aimag, processes copper using the hydrometallurgical method, produces and exports cathode copper with a purity of 99.999% grade “A” of the London Metal Exchange.

The plant has been operating for the 10th year using derivative ore resources from the second dump, which are not suitable for the flotation technology of the Erdenet State Owned Enterprise. In addition to production and administrative operations, the fire alarm, protection, and extinguishing system is fully automated and digitalized.

Achit Ikht LLC became a member of the London Metal Exchange (LME) in 2019.

The company has implemented the following standards in its activities:

  • occupational safety standard ISO 45001:2018;
  • environmental management standard ISO 14001:2015.

As part of sustainable development and “Net Zero” goals, the following activities are initiated and implemented:

  • Join the national movement “Billion Trees” and plant 3 million trees in 10 years;
  • Support overcoming the energy crisis in the country, focus on reducing electricity consumption and transferring a certain part of energy consumption to renewable and green energy;
  • Purification and reuse of water used in production.

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