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Steppe Copper LLC has initiated and invested in projects of AIC Steppe Arena LLC such as the Steppe Arena, Mongolia’s first indoor sports and entertainment venue. It provides strategic management consulting services and cooperates in all aspects.

AIC Steppe Arena LLC is a national company founded in 2018 at the initiative of Steppe Cooper LLC with the goal of promoting and organizing sports, cultural and public events. The first project implemented by AIC Steppe Arena is the Steppe Arena, Mongolia’s first multi-purpose, indoor ice hockey arena that meets the International Olympic Committee standards. It was put into operation in 2021 and allows for year-round operation, providing various events with a spacious and modern facility. The Steppe Arena complex is capable of hosting not only various sports events such as ice hockey, figure skating, short track, basketball, volleyball, artistic gymnastics, and boxing, but also cultural events, expos, conferences, and seminars. The arena covers an area of 7,800 square meters with a capacity of up to 3,000 spectators. It has five dressing rooms for athletes and coaches, as well as a first-aid room and conference rooms to accommodate 80-100 persons. The building has a modern ventilation system that ensures clean air circulation every hour, meeting international standards for indoor sports facilities. The arena is also equipped with the latest audiovisual technology including Dolby Experience sound system, special effects, lighting, laser, projector, and giant LED screens.

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